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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stuck?! Sketches

Hello world.. this is me...

So Hubby took up mountain biking.. and its been great to see him enjoying doing something that wasnt work related... Then we started to take the kids for rides at a park and I took the plunge and got a cheap bike and had a few goes.. But then a few months before Christmas.. someone came into our yard and stole 3 of the 4 bikes... Hubbies expensive mountain bike.. my cheap bike and down the road we found our then 7 year old's  bike trashed. Needless to say we were not happy and neither mine or hubbies bikes were ever found,

So Mr 7 got a new bike, Hubby got a better mountain bike and I kind of just let the whole bike thing go.. We now have the bikes living in our garage/office so as to not be stolen again.(we live in a small house with a small shed .. there is no where else haha)

Anyways hubby got serious with his mountain biking and starting tackling the amazing bike tracks we have in our town that basically lead UP THE MOUNTAIN. And I will admit I got a little envious of all the attention his bike was getting (cue music - "Jealous of the way,," you know the one... )and after having a pretty rough week one week and my self confidence at an all time low- I decided it was time to walk into the bike shop and take the plunge. It was a bit of an expensive plunge but you know what.. despite that, I will admit I have not looked back since I brought that bike. It is AMAZING how much having a hobby you can share and enjoy with hubby makes a huge difference to your life. My first ride was a nice flat ride but boy did it hurt..

So I am a novice - no use denying that there.. But on day after being sick and in isolation for 10 days hubby took me for a ride in a different spot "It will be easy he said ..." yeah.. little did I know we were heading to THAT mountain...

So anyways THAT mountain has 15 different/a joining tracks.. And he took me Track 1... which is the easiest of the tracks.. but it hurt.. but IT WAS AWESOME!!! I am now so addicted! We rarely get to go.. but OMG I LOVE it.. and that is what this page was all about...


SO if you want to try something- but are too scared to TAKE THE PLUNGE


D-Lish Scraps Inspiration Board

Family time is important time... we all know that right? And its important as a family to spend time together doing stuff we love.. our fun time these days is on the bikes.. and it has been SO much fun,

When I saw the inspiration  board for this months D-Lish Scraps I knew these were the perfect photos..

This was the first "mountain"bike track we took the kids.. it was a constant bit of stopping (those hills were a little hard on their little legs) but it was SO good to see how excited they were to do something just like Daddy.

Thanks for looking

Have a fantastic day x


Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia

Hello Spring.. here in North QLD things are heating up.. after a few weeks of unusually wet and cold weather,  we woke up and boom here is the heat.... I am a winter girl myself but it is nice to see the sun and the flowers in the garden come into bloom..

So next up is a page I created using this sketch.Over at SBT50

LOved how simple but effective the sketch was  :D

Thanks for looking- have a beautiful spring filled day
x K

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Scrap The Girls -October

I have been on a bit of a roll the past 2 days Scrapbooking and it feels GREAT.

My next layout is for this months challenge over at Scrap The Girls . Usually its rare to see my scrap pages and photos of myself. I'm the one who disappears when the camera comes out or I take the photos rather then being in them, because I have a pretty poor self image if I'm honest and photos don''t tend to show off our good points much do they ?

But then I look at all my scrapbooks and albums and its like.. where Am I? You see I know I'm not alone in this and now my daughter is 10 I can see how I see myself and talk about myself may affect how she see's and talks about herself too. SO time to change, its not easy but hey I am me- and that's all there is to it- time to embrace it.

I love the colours in this challenge, and had a little fun. My style at the moment has gone back to a little more minimalist and I like it

So lets start scrapping ourselves a little more and embrace the unique people that we are- whose with me!!

Thanks for looking. '

Cheers xoxo

Friday, October 2, 2015

Scrap the Boys- October Challenge

Well.......... lets say its been a long time since I've actually gotten my scrap supplies out and scrapped a page.. Why? Well I don't know really - I guess sometimes you just stop.. and get distracted by other events in your life and suddenly its been months since you scrapped a page. But I will tell you it felt really good  to get the paper out so to speak and get creative.

We just got back from our yearly little holiday to the beach.. So technically we live only 1.5 hrs away from the beach and people think we must go all the time but with work and life- its once a year we actually get to go - so we try make it a nice relaxing time and pack a lot in. It is also the only time I want to get out of bed early and watch the sunrise over the ocean.

So I got some photos printed and came across the awesome challenge at Scrap The Boys and couldn't NOT scrap these photos of my little boy. It was perfect !
I just love the earthy tones and hint of greens 

Thanks for looking

Have a lovely day :D

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Other Creative Outlet

SO as you know I am a scrapbooker... But I thought I'd share a little something I do aside from that :D I am lucky enough to have an AMAZING job, working casual at a Florist. Many years ago (before Kids) I started doing a Horticulture Trainee-ship on a flower farm and here I am many years later back among the flowers. 

This year my beautiful co workers encouraged me to enter the local Floral Art Section at the show. It was all a bit exciting but daunting at the same time. 

I had a great time creating for the categories in the Novice and Intermediate sections. And I was lucky enough to come out of it with some awards!

"Anything But Flowers" (Novice)

"Step Up" (novice)

"Vertical Thinking" (Intermediate)

"Peeping Through" (Intermediate)
  In all it was an exciting experience and something I have wanted to do for a long time but didn't have the courage . 

So glad I did!!

Thanks for looking

xoxo K